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Making Smart Decisions with What You Take to Bed

News flash! — your head is the the most important part of your body, and as your body's command center, it's important to choose a high quality pillow to rest your head on when you go to sleep at night. During sleep, your pillow plays a crucially important role in both the quality of sleep that you get and the overall health of your spine. And, while others would like you to switch your entire mattress, we at Vermont Pillow Co. know that the right pillow can help you get a good night’s sleep and help prevent neck and back problems down the line, right now. What pillow you sleep on is important!

It Matters Where You Lay Your Weary Head

Your pillow is so much more than just a soft thing to put your head on. Pillows support your entire upper body as you sleep, and actually help to keep your spine in a healthy, neutral alignment. It has to fit all of your unique curves, and it has to work for the way that you prefer to sleep. The right pillow can help you maintain a healthy position while you sleep, and can help reduce your risk of developing spinal or neck injuries.

Avoiding Bedroom Injuries

Of all the injuries that could befall you in the bedroom, a neck or spine injury is perhaps the most concerning. If you have a chronic spine disorder, it’s absolutely crucial that you have a pillow that provides maximum comfort and support. When you’re sleeping, your body takes advantage of your immobility to initiate its natural healing processes. When you’re not getting enough sleep or getting the proper amount of support from your pillow, your body can’t make the most of these regenerative hours.

It’s What’s Inside That Counts

Different types of pillow fillings provide different levels of comfort and different levels of support. Many "bed in a box" and traditional mattress companies spend little time on perfecting their pillows, and instead think of them as add-ons to sell mattresses (buy our mattress, we'll throw in 2 pillows). Pillows are all we do, after testing well over 60 fills and iterating and reiterating, we arrived at 2 pillows that provides the luxury hotel pillow feel we all love, while providing the perfect amount of lift and support to help you sleep comfortably.

Picking Your Favorite Positions

Far be it from us to weigh in on your favorite positions in the bedroom, but when it comes to sleeping, it’s truly important. When we say our pillows are "universal" in terms of accommodating sleep positions, we mean it. Side, back or stomach, we tested, vetted and sought expertise to arrive at our 2 pillows. If you prefer slightly more elevation and an always, very-cool-side-of-the-pillow then choose the Pow-Fresh. The Pow-Pow is our original pillow, and it's 5" loft provides the perfect amount of elevation for most sleepers - its gel microber fill combined with a 100% breathable cotton cover offers incredible temperature regulation as well.

Make the right choice when you go to bed tonight — choose your Vermont Pillow now, and contact us to learn more!